Baltimore Brat 2

Friday, February 5, 2010


Baltimore Brat 2
Once again Annie has been misbehaving. This time I received a letter from her girlfriend Maya. She is tired of her girlfriend’s misbehaving, being snotty, being neglected sexually and just beating a bad girl. She emailed me asking for my help. I could not refuse so I made the trip and it was worth it. We both spanked, strapped, hairbrushed and paddled little Annie’s ass good and hard. Maya decided since she has been neglected, she was going to take Annie the way she always wanted with a strap-on up her ass after making her lick her asshole. This tape is full of old fashioned spanking, strapping, paddling, anal worship, anal fucking and light fleet enemas, lots of humiliation and outtakes of Maya
s husband strapping Annie. One of my best tapes.


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