English Discipline Series: A Caning Shared

Friday, February 5, 2010


English Discipline Series: A Caning Shared
Tiffany is continuously getting the attention of her physics teacher, Mr. Robinson. Probably because after their regular caning session he completes the event with a steamy session of coitus. On this particular day she is awaiting his arrival at her garden entrance, where she and her friend Amy are chatting. He obviously cannot give her the promised 40 cane strokes at college, opting for a bit of secrecy in her garden instead. Amy is surprised to hear about her secret tryst, and in an effort to ward off some pain suggests that she take 20 of the 40 strikes for her friend. Mr. Robinson agrees to this arrangement provided that Amy also agrees to a playful sexual romp afterwards. Upon their agreement he begins to spank and paddle their bare bottoms until they turn red. He then places them over the dining room table for 20 blistering strokes with the cane. Soon he will have them both in the bedroom for a bit of sexy romping!


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