English Discipline Series: Escort Service And Heidi’s Punishment

Thursday, February 11, 2010


English Discipline Series: Escort Service And Heidi’s Punishment
Our first storyline has Joan, a strict matron of an escort service concerned about one of her employees, Billie Jean. Upon taking a look at the books she sees that she hasnt contributed her fair share of income. Billie Jean is called into her office and reprimanded both verbally and physically. She is hand spanked and caned and her bottom becomes reddened. She promises to contribute her fair share in the future! And in Heidis Punishment” Mr.Gastoy has employed Heidi, a reputable housekeeper to take care of his home for the next few days. Showing her to her room he leaves so that she can get settled. However, she has a bit more in mind. After masturbating, she coyly calls Mr.Gastoy in for a bit of play too! But he will have none of it and demands that she be punished for not doing as he has requested. Her formerly aroused bottom now becomes red with the hand spanking and caning that he administers.


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