English Discipline Series: Naughty Novac Sisters

Thursday, February 11, 2010


English Discipline Series: Naughty Novac Sisters
Mr. Johnson has received a letter from the home office, It is questioning the dubious authenticity of two of his students immigration visas. Summoning them to the office he expresses his concerns and wonders if the school will receive their due monies if these women are deported. These two attractive young women are put in a position by Mr. Johnson where they will do anything to stay in their studies. There is absolutely no alternative in this naughty headmaster’s mind than to give both girls severe punishment on their cheeky bare bottoms. Hands spanking, padding and caning are begun. He also makes it known to these two that he wishes a bit of a dilly dally with them and puts them through an humiliating set of postures and actions. You will be delighted to see what he does!


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