English Discipline Series: Tenants Ordeal

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


English Discipline Series: Tenants Ordeal
When a wealthy landlord Mr.Richards goes to check on his latest tenants he finds that they have stripped his flat bare. Furioius he calls the agent, Mrs.Chesterton, who was responsible for findingthe girl’s in the first place. She shows up with Gillian and learn that they took all his furniture to the local dump, as it was old! When he demands a monetary compensation he knows that in truth he will never receive it. So he gives her an alternative… A pound of flesh! Mrs.Chesterton is asked to give her an sound thrashing. After Gillian leaves Mr. Richards decides to give Mrs. Chesterton a sound thrashing too. Later that week, Laura the other tenants is told to come to his offic. She too is put through punishment ordeal across her lovely bottom.


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