English Punishment Series 44

Friday, February 5, 2010


English Punishment Series 44
Our latest collection includes ” Painful Persuasion” “Carlys Caning” and “60 Powerful Strokes” In “Painful Persuasion” Chloe goes to visit her friend Sarah at her dads house. The conversation turns to disciplined at college and we learn that though she has done some questionable things she has never been disciplined for them. He is eager to teach her and begins with an over the knee spanking followed by paddles. In “Carlys Caning” a babysitter has been found by her employer to be pleasing herself after the children have been put to bed. Angered and shocked by her behavior he decides to administer some well-deserved discipline. An finally in “60 Powerful Strokes” one of Mr. Maddingtons job is to administer discipline to wayward girls at the college. This particular day he is to cane one of the girls 60 times. Each stroke is delivered with great power and accuracy. She will be rubbing her welted bottom for a solid month!


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