Lesson From Aunt Kelly 2

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lesson From Aunt Kelly 2
A spoiled neice goes to stay with her aunt in order to take Summer classes at a nearby college. Which her parents paid for. When her Aunt receives a letter stating that her neice has not been in school in weeks! she teaches her Royal Hinus a lesson she’ll never forget. After questioning, and scolding her neice spanking on her bare-Bottom. Listening to her neice crying she dicides to give her something to cry about and gets the Wooden Hairbrush. Her neice pleads and tells her she sick. After taking her temperature rectally she verifies the truth that her neice ia a liar who thinks she can get over on her. Instead her Aunt takes the wooden Brush to her barebottom Good and Hard! this is a very hard BareBottom spanking with Hand hairbrush and Rectal temperture taking.


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