Spanking Big E 7

Friday, February 5, 2010


Spanking Big E 7
Master Liam and Krissy run a house of disciplinary training, and are awaiting their new pupil, Isabel. She must receive lessons in the positions and techniques of discipline, and she begins by having Liam bend her over a chair and give her a hard hand spanking. Moving her to the coffee table on all fours she receives the business end of a leather strap and riding crop. Continuing with a lesson in control, he administers an enema along with a caning while she is asked to hold the water bottle. Isabel is then sent off to please her new master. Upon her leaving Master Liam and Krissy decide to have a bit of fun on their own. Liam bends Krissy over the bed and gives her a hand spanking and leather strap. Followed by the swift motion of a riding crop and thin cane. Their joy has no end today!


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