A Taste For Submission

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A Taste For Submission
There’s many punishment turn to the devious mind of Mistress Tanya, an inventive dominatrix who caters to the bizarre whims of a roster of scrumptiously submissive clients. When her prize slave Lisa come to spend a weekend of sensual domination at Tanya’s well-equipped dungeon, little does she know what surprise awaits her, beginning with the unexpected arrival of her worst enemy, Cynthia, who witnesses Lisa’s humiliation, only to get a close of the same for herself at Lisa’s hand in the inevitable turnabout. Further intrigue ensues with intervention of Tanya’s sometime friend and frequent competitor Mistress Adrienne, who winds up discovering the pleasures and perils of slavery for herself. Its cross, doublecross and triple cross in a roundelay of erotic conquest in HOM’s blazing presentation, A Taste of Submission.


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