Worse For Wear And Private Tutorial

Friday, February 5, 2010


Worse For Wear And Private Tutorial
Nicole’s frustrations with her less than interested boyfriend, Spencer, has lead her to his mate, Christian’s house, for a bit of a chat. During the course of their flirtatious conversation, Spencer calls Christian and informs him that Nicole has left him, taking all the money from their joint account. Christian however is not the soft touch, and decided to take a course of action that he knows best. Nicole is soon across his knee for a spanking on her beautiful rounded cheeks followed by some cane strokes, which leaves her bottom looking the worse for wear! And in “Private Tutorial” Mr. Johnson has been instructed to give Dawkins additional lessons in chemistry to bring her up to snuff. During his private session Mr. Johnson finds her playing with herself and decides to take her into his sitting room for a spanking, paddling and caning.


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