Bad Ass Discipline

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Bad Ass Discipline
Stars: Veronika Raquel, Sasha Sparks, Gia Primo
Gia is a stripper from the windy city who just loves to brag about how much money she makes doing lap dances. Lap dancing is indeed a strippers stock and trade
this is where the vamp earns her real money. When Joe six-pack staggers home on a Friday night to face his wife and kids sans paycheck chances are if he wasn’t betting on the ponies, he had a wicked tart like Gia grinding on his lap for an hour or so. Ms. Primo is an especially accomplished lap dancer who prides herself on having emptied many, many a good man’s wallet. The truth be told, that’s why Gia came to work for us
we told her we make Red Hot Lap Dancing videos. Heh-heh. Spanking the bouncing bare bottom of an in fact amoral self-centered temptress such as Gia is indeed a most enviable task. For here one need not be troubled by any mixed emotions when the miscreant’s indignant screams turn to desperate howls and the tears begin to flow.


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