Bottom’s Up!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Bottom’s Up!
Stars: Julie Simone, Jill Cannon, Sybil
We had to jump through a lot of hoops to interest this worldwide published raven haired beauty in accepting our humble modeling assignment, but it was worth it…..or so we figured. It would seem that our abundant enthusiasm was not shared by the young lady in question. Indeed, she went so far as to forget all about us and go to a party on the night of our scheduled booking. And, you thought Rodney Dangerfield didn’t get any respect. It was only after repeated phone calls to her publicist that we were finally put in touch with the diva herself whereupon after much cajoling and more than a little outright bribery she was persuaded to put in a brief appearance. She arrived some hours later….more than a little intoxicated. Not falling down drunk mind you but buzzed just enough to add a distinctly tart edge to her already patrician demeanor. That’s when our man lost it.


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