Caught & Caned / Jenny’s Audition

Monday, March 15, 2010


Caught & Caned / Jenny’s Audition
Stars: Jenny, John, Daniela, Joanne, Peter Caruthers, Angela King
he Burglar’s Choice. Peter Caruthers and his mistress, Angela King, are off to dinner. She likes to go out with a hot glowing bottom, and Peter is more than happy to oblige. When they return, Angela catches a thief climbing out of the toilet window. They are shocked to find that the burglar is a girl called Daniela. Given a choice, she opts for a sound caning rather than a visit to the cops. During the caning, it turns out that Angela left the toilet window open. After Daniela is sent off with a striped bottom, it is Angela’s turn. Her caning is very different from the glorious spankings that she so loves


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