Disciplining The Divas

Monday, March 15, 2010


Disciplining The Divas
Stars: Sasha Sparks, Kordelia Devonshire, Kelly Divine
Yes, it was necessary to spank this unruly girl before and yes she has misbehaved yet again. This time the vamp’s intended victim was a photographer friend of ours whom she tried to shake down for a higher modeling fee. “I’m tired”, “I want a cigarette” and ultimately “I want more money” she whined. Indeed, it was the same tired old routine once again. Happily, our man was but a phone call away. This time the gloves would come off and the sparks would really fly! The fact that our man clearly had such a good time spanking this wench before all but ensured that the task would be executed most effectively. The trick, however, was for him to outdo his previous performance.


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