Martial Law 2

Monday, March 15, 2010


Martial Law 2
Stars: Mercedes, Giulietta, Erika Piller, Patsy Passion, Sophie Starr, Betty Sweet, Naomi Blondwell, Mary Golda
Four civilian captives arrive at a military camp when the General is there… A female sergeant and a junior officer make them change their clothes. During the procedure a soldier belts them all while they are totally naked. The General summons the blonde captive to his desk and he forces her to have sex with his pretty secretary. During the show, the General notices that there are some bruises on the girl’s ass and he becomes very angry. He summons the blonde sergeant to his desk to ask about the forbidden punishment. The blonde sergeant is found as she is humiliating the captives using a high pressure water cleaner. The General does not accept her excuses and he shows her what real punishment means: 100 hard strokes of the cane, tied up, stark naked… Medication is needed afterwards…


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