Red Assed Lap Dancing 18 – Spanking Some Divas

Monday, March 15, 2010


Red Assed Lap Dancing 18 – Spanking Some Divas
Stars: Alexis, Liz Tyler, Maklaryn, Mr. Red Hot
Maklaryn…what kind of a name is that? I mean, I understand the need to remain pseudonymous when you’re trawling around on the edges of X video, but pick a fruit flavor orsomething, sister. Anyway, Mak’s expansive mouthiness is matched only by her ample assets, as she tromps around the motel room looking like Meadow from the Sopranos, grousing about her current spate of unluck. “I can’t believe this is what I’ve deserted to,” she complains. Of course, the word she meant is ‘resorted’, but you get the picture. After some half-hearted, sour-faced lingerie modeling, the Spank Man hands her a banana, and asks her to treat it right. She bites it in half. I get it now. It’s the banana that always makes him go berserk. She tosses the offending fruit at the wall. He grabs her by the ear and puts her over his lap. Maklaryn has a lot of ass to punish, so Mr. Red Hot has his work cut out for him. Whack!


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