Red Assed Lap Dancing 20 – Battering The Buns

Monday, March 15, 2010


Red Assed Lap Dancing 20 – Battering The Buns
Stars: Nina, Ivy, Kristin
Don’t let the petite frame or that sweet little face fool you – this girl’s an up and coming porn star who’s idea of punching the clock is unzipping her costar’s trousers! The truth be told, Kristin is really quite good at what she does, or so we’re told, and already she has become accustomed to star treatment both on and off the set. Imagine her dismay when first she saw our set, such as it is, and was then instructed to do that which she hadn’t done in well over a year or more…a very ordinary striptease followed by a lap dance. What lil’ Miss Hot Lips didn’t realize, of course, was just what we meant by a lap dance!


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