Big Bottoms Caned And The Caning

Friday, April 30, 2010


Big Bottoms Caned And The Caning
Stars: Lynn, Nicola, Percy
The famous Percy Tomkins Photographic Studios had been in business for over 20 years when one of the officers from the bank called up and said that they would have to go into receivership. It seems that two of his most trusted secretaries, Lynn and Nicola had been running the business into the ground by pure laziness. And when our astonished Percy informs the girls of the impending disaster they have the audacity to ask for redundancy money. Furious, he grabs Lynn and takes her into his studio for a good spanking across her more than ample bottom. Wincing at every resounding thug, she is even more frightened when the sultry nylon panties are also pulled off. They were her only protection against the incessant whack of the cane. Of course in an adjoining studio Nicola is also given the same punishment. Shortly both girls are brought together and caned in the same studio. Percy however seems more inclined to give them the redundancy..


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