A Brothers Advice

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Stars: Gino Coletti, Angie Sunshine, Tricia Morrow, Harrison Dell
Released: 2001
Gino’s new girl friend was out of control until he took … A Brother’s Advice! Angie is a willful, 24 year old brat whose tantrums are wearing Gino out. Appealing to her older, wiser brother for advice, Gino learns that his beautiful one has been acting out to get attention since age seven and that her parents used deal with such behavior by giving her the strap! Intrigued by the notion of spanking Angie and encouraged by Harrison to do so, Gino determines to discipline his lover the next time she indulges in a fit of bad temper. Gino’s opportunity arises shortly thereafter, in the midst of a trivia game, when Angie becomes bored and insulting to everyone present because


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