Country Club Wives

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Stars: Courtney Chambers, Sycilia Sutton
Country Club Wives Starring Courtney Chambers as Cynthia and Sycilia Sutton as Margot After a 3 cocktail luncheon, Margot invites her best friend Cynthia back to her flat in the city to gravely confront the statuesque blonde on the subject of marital infidelity. For Margot has just discovered that Cynthia and her own husband have been using the apartment as the setting for their torrid love affair! Cynthia attempts to deny it all, but Margot has tangible proof. She shows Cynthia the scrap of sheer panties, left behind in a hurry. She produces the diaphanous nightie, Cynthia’s Valentine’s gift from Margot’s husband, still with the gift card enclosed. Cynthia can but hang h


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