Girl Spanks Girl 1

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Stars: The Contessa, Virginia Lewis, Kristie Imboch, Jane Eliot
Faye (The Contessa) is fed up with her boarders, three well-educated free loaders who cannot pay their rent. She tries to assign them chores, in order to work off their board, but they pursue their own agenda, until their young landlady sees red. The 6′ Amazon is more than ready to exchange actions for words and in a row takes the photography student (Kristie), the postgraduate student (Jane) and the up and coming, unemployed young actress (Virginia) across her ample lap to spank some responsibility into them. A grand finale scene includes the spanking of all three girls by Contessa in a group situation. Contessa, though only 26, wields the authority of a mature wom


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