London Derrieres

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Stars: Andi, Keith Jones, Leia-Ann Woods, Jadie Reese
Three spirited British ladies travel to Las Vegas to raise hell and wind up getting their panties lowered repeatedly in the process. Andi is nominally in charge of the merry and rambunctious group, having made the travel arrangements and bearing most of the responsibilities of the trip. She becomes annoyed with both of her companions for taking cell phone calls 24/7 and disturbing the peace of those around them. Andi takes Leia Ann Woods over her lap and smartly applies a pink suede-covered leather paddle first to Leia Ann’s trim and shapely, jeans-clad buttocks, then to her scantily covered, red-thonged rear, and finally to Leia Ann’s trim, toned, spectacularly beautiful bare back


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