Master Of Paris

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Master Of Paris
Stars: Paris Kennedy, Butch Simms
Hired for her good looks rather than her housekeeping skills, new domestic Paris spends her first morning at work doing exactly what you’d expect her to do, which is not much. But her boss Butch Simms has guests coming that evening and needs for the house to be perfect, so he keeps following her around and catching her being lazy and inattentive to her duties. Finally, after the third or fourth time she annoys and exasperates him, Simms threatens to spank his new employee, who looks fantastic in her clinging uniform, with her voluptuous bosom (pushing against its buttons), her gracefully tapering waist and her shapely bottom so seductively outlined by her glove-tight skirt. After repeated warning and scoldings, Paris pushes the envelopes a little too far, letting her strict new boss catch her smoking a joint in his back yard. It is all over now but the kicking and screaming.


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