Sex Spanking Overload

Friday, April 30, 2010


Stars: Gretta, Rikki Lixx, Butch Simms
Released: 2000
Here is the simple story of a cute and guileless husband left temporarily unsupervised by his wife, who falls prey to the wiles of 2 neighborhood bad girls, who no man but a super stud could hope to satisfy. Chet (Butch Simms) at first steadfastly resists the girls’ voluptuous advances, trying to divert them with reasonable arguments, then to reform them with an old fashioned, over the knee spanking each. But the spanking only inflames the buxom vixens and they attack and ravish Chet with renewed enthusiasm. It is really more than one man can resist, and Chet at last gives in to their blandishments and proceeds to make love to them both. We call this video Sex and Spanking Overload


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