Sex & Spanking With Kailee & Seth

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sex & Spanking With Kailee & Seth
Stars: Kailee, Seth McCallaster
Spanking superstar Kailee makes her hardcore debut! Seth is annoyed with his beautiful girlfriend Kailee for flirting with other boys at the party they have just returned home from. He accuses her of disrespecting him and tells her that she needs a good spanking. Protesting her innocence, Kailee is swept across Seth’s lap in her smart cocktail dress and immediately feels the impact of her sweetheart’s severe hand on her bottom through the satin of her skirt. That skirt is soon pushed up to reveal Kailee’s luscious backside, clad in a pair of black panties. Seth scolds and spanks Kailee hard, fully expressing his indignation at her flighty behavior.


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