Spanking Big E 5 Hidden Canyon Ranch

Friday, April 2, 2010


Spanking Big E 5 Hidden Canyon Ranch
Stars: Caroline, Melissa, Mistress Erzsebet
Prison trustee Caroline is diligently escorting a shackled Melissa back to the grounds when she is confronted and asked by Caroline about some illicit drugs. Admitting to possessing them, they both then decide to stash them on the grounds for later use. Unfortunately the prison disciplinarian, Mistress Erzebet comes across their path and insists on searching Melissa. When she locates the drugs she decides to exact a strict level of discipline. A hand spanking is given, which I later followed by some paddles, and a caning. The caning is simultaneous with an enema, which exacts a displeasure that is most evident on Melissa’s demeanor. She is sure not to displease Mistress Erzebe


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