Friday, April 16, 2010


Stars: Sharon Kane, Ashley Renee, Jennifer Antone, Jacqueline Lick
All the trouble started when Petra’s submissive Candice insulted Valerie’s submissive Nicolette in a Hollywood fetish shoe shop. Nicolette promptly told her mistress that Candice had accused her of being a B&D poser! (As opposed to the sincere player that she was.) Valerie was stunned and immediately took her submissive to call on Petra and Candice for an explanation. As it turned out, Nicolette was not lying. Candice admitted insulting Nicolette and was instantly taken across Valerie’s lap for punishment. But Nicolette was also in the wrong, for telling on Candice like the little tattletale that she was. So she had to be spanked as well. While Petra enjoyed herself with the dainty Nicolette across her lap, her own submissive Candice made so many remarks from the corner that Valerie had to pick up a crop and punish her the whole time with it.


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