The Rivals

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Stars: Mina, Ava Barton, Candice Cayne
Released: 2002
Return with us to Shadow Lane’s favorite prep school, The Braemar Academy, where Miss Winthrop has her hands full trying to civilize Anna and Mina. In the opening scene, Mina curries favor with Miss Winthrop by presenting her with a bouquet. When Miss Winthrop goes to put her flowers in water, Anna attacks Mina verbally for kissing up to their teacher so shamelessly. After trading insults for a couple of minutes, Anna loses patience with her blonde goody two shoes classmate and pulls her across her lap! Anna gives the stubborn and provocative Mina a sound spanking on Mina’s short, brown uniform skirt. Anna is wearing a similar skirt and it too receives a vigorous dusting,


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