Boarding School Discipline Episode 1

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Boarding School Discipline Episode 1
Stars: Isabella, Monica
The movie opens with the headmaster and housemaster discussing problems with Isabella, a very disobedient fifth form girl who has been bribing the school nurse to supply her with sick notes releasing her from games. This insolent girl is called in to the head’s private study to answer the charges. Her fumbling excuses do not impress, so it’s decided to administer sever corporal punishment. Isabella is bent over her housemaster’s lap, short skirt lifted, school knickers pulled down to receive a stinging spanking to her naughty bottom. Another resounding smacking from the headmaster followed by the threat of a hand strapping brings forth the exclamation, “it wasn’t only me” and an admission of the name of her accomplice, “prefect Monica.”


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