Double Trouble

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Double Trouble
Released: 1989
It’s a new and very naughty video from [email protected] [email protected] Presenting Eva Lux in Double Trouble, an explicit, two-part spanking video which includes traditional home and school style discipline, tasteful portrayed anal eroticism, oral sex (going both ways) and intercourse! Double Trouble Part 1 Doctor’s Orders – A doctor’s young wife feels starved for attention from her busy husband (Devlin O’Neill). An early morning sulk leads to her first over the knee spanking of the day. (This scene includes a temperature taking in Eva’s bottom.) Then Paige (Eva Lux) compounds her naughtiness by staying out late with her friends, recklessly gaming at the casino and driving around under the influence, all of which bad behavior she gleefully informs her sober, hard working spouse in a fresh note prominently left for him to find. When Paige waltzes in at ten p.m. she gets the bare bottom spanking she deserves and the attention she craves in the form of vaginal and anal masturbation with


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File Name : 0027_SL_Double_Trouble.wmv
File Size : 724 MB
Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 01:20:00

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