Fax & Figures

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Fax & Figures
Samantha is an office junior in the rag trade, but with ‘page 3′ looks and long blonde hair she hopes to become a model. James, her boss, is unhappy with the liberties she takes and his secretary, Sarah, makes no secret of her opinion either and urges him to take care of her. When Samantha is late the following morning she is put over James’ knee for a well deserved spanking, but this turns out to be too tame for Sarah’s liking and she offers to show James how it should be done. First she gets Samantha’s tight white knickers down and then resumes her punishment with a vengeance. A good hand spanking is followed by a lengthy paddling and a sound dose of the tawse.


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Duration : 00:51:58

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