Fixed Penalty

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Fixed Penalty
Stars: Sam, Sally, Jadie
Two Flatmates, Sally & Sam are renting rooms from Jadie, a traffic warden. Jadie returns with some uniforms they have asked to borrow for a fancy dress party. They girls get changed and depart for the party. We next see Sam & Sally back home counting the money they have earned by issuing “on the spot fines”! Jadie had already heard over there radio that two girls were impersonating traffic wardens and is fuming to discover it was her tenants, as this could lead to the loss of her job. She therefore gives both girls an ultimatum
either they pack their bags and get out, much to the girl’s dismay, or they both accept a hard discipline from Jadie, and lose the money they have made. Both girls are put across Jadie’s knee for what the girls believe will be a mild spanking, how wrong they are. Jadie is determined to teach these girls a lesson! After a prolonged spanking both girls have very red bottoms, but are in no way contrite


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