I Married A Brat

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I Married A Brat
Stars: Samantha, Gino Coletti
A brand spanking new domestic discipline video from [email protected] [email protected] “I Married A Brat” is a story about a man who marries a girl exactly half his age and learns that keeping his little minx in line can be a full time job. First Tom finds Nancy jumping rope in the back yard instead of getting ready to go to his boss’ bar-be-que. A chase ensues and Tom finally catches Nancy, turns her under his arm and spanks her, first with his hand and then with a ping-pong paddle, until she yields and promises to go and get dressed. A few minutes later, Tom finds Nancy with her nose in a graphic novel while lazily licking an ice cream cone! (Not pictured: Nancy creaming Tom in the face with her ice cream cone.) Tom gives Nancy a second vigorous spanking to impress her with the importance of getting to his boss’ home in a timely manner.


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File Name : 0019_SL_I_Married_A_Brat.wmv
File Size : 247.86 MB
Resolution : 720×480
Duration : 00:31:00

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