Punishment Book

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Punishment Book
Stars: Lizzy Madison, David Pearl
Thrill to sound spanking, firm correction, a serious attitude, genuine contrition, real love and warmth in a fabulous new production featuring a beautiful and 100% real young couple in the scene. 23 years old each, Lizzy and David are the youngest real life couple to ever come our way. We met them at one of our parties, where they told us about how they practice discipline at home: hard and for real. After Lizzy is punished, she must record her offence and the spanking received for it in a journal. Reflecting on her faults leads to self improvement and expiation of guilt. But having a cute and very strict boyfriend to administer the spankings does turn duty into a kind of pleasure for this sweetly submissive young lady. You’ll love Lizzy’s reactions to her young man’s stern corrections in this 3 act domestic discipline classic.


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