The Mischief Makers

Saturday, May 29, 2010


The Mischief Makers
Stars: Paris, Samantha Woodley, Steve Fuller
After the stock market crash, Henry suffers a nervous collapse. The poor man’s nerves in tatters, he craves a quiet life. So naturally he quails to discover that his two orphaned, distant girl cousins will be staying with him for a month! While crunching tranquilizers, he earnestly begs the girls to respect his desire for total peace and quiet at all times, petitioning them to also refrain from ever creating a mess. (Sure, Cousin Henry, dream on!) Amber is blatantly naughty while Crystal prefers to be nice, but when they deliberately disturb Cousin Henry, they both get spanked hard! The action commences with a rare and tantalizingly spontaneous spanking on the shorty shorts scene. Next comes a bare bottom spanking interlude, presenting the girls in adorable matching skirt and sweater outfits,


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