Who’s Afraid Of The Spanking Neighbors?

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Who’s Afraid Of The Spanking Neighbors?
Stars: Katrina Rosebud, Rubee Tuesday, Butch Simms, Ralph Marvell
While hosting a dinner party for a new neighbor and his girlfriend, Rita has a bit too much to drink and subsequently throws a surly jealousy tantrum the moment the guests have gone home. Not one to put up with such nonsense, Ralph promptly turns Rita over his knee and gives her a very sound spanking. Punishing Rita for her insolence takes some time, and a variety of implements and bottom jutting positions are brought into play to put over Ralph’s lesson of caring dominance. In the course of the severe but loving scene that follows, Ralph’s huge hand, a wide strap, birch, leather slapper and wooden Spencer paddle are used to good effect on Rita’s shapely bottom as Ralph convinces her that she is the only woman he desires.


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