Boarding School Discipline Episode 2

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Boarding School Discipline Episode 2
Stars: Isabella, Monica
We rejoin this punishment session with Monica & Isabella being sent to wait outside the Headmaster’s study whilst the school nurse is brought in to answer for selling the sick notes in the first place. At first the nurse strongly denies any involvement, but it is soon clear she has been found out. She is informed by both the Headmaster & his Deputy that they propose to punish her in the same way as the other two girls, and if she doesn’t accept this, then she will be dismissed. The School nurse is given a thorough spanking, strapping, caning and a humiliating birching by both the Deputy and the Head, which rapidly turns her pale bottom cheeks a rosy red. All the while both Monica and Isabella are outside the study listening and giggling as the sounds generated by the nurse’s punishment permeate the door.


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