Final Warning

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Final Warning
Step mum Suzanne arrives with Morgan and Kara from the school as they’ve been suspended for a week for smoking & drinking, AGAIN! Mum threatens the pair with Reform School if they do not behave whilst she is away at a business meeting
this is their final warning. She leaves them in the charge of their sister, Monica, who berates the two girls and then, before going out for more food, tells them to do some housework whilst she’s gone. Some hope
the temptation is too much and they help themselves to mum’s cigarettes and wine. they soon spot mum’s new camera and decide to take some saucy photos. Monica returns as the pictures are being viewed on mum’s computer, but she doesn’t quite catch them. However, Monica notices that the girls have been at the cigarettes and wine and haven’t done a stroke since she’s been gone. Now she wants her “pound of flesh” by giving both Morgan and Kara a spanking.


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