Impostor’s End – (Final Part of The Impostor Series)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Impostor’s End – (Final Part of The Impostor Series)
Stars: Nurse Fisher
Jenny is in BIG trouble again. She has defied her parents and has been seeing her boyfriend behind their back, ignoring strict orders to stay away from him. The scene opens with Jenny bent over a stool, being soundly spanked by her stepmother, Nurse Fisher, who rapidly creates a glowing, bright scarlet bottom. She is soon joined by Mr. Fisher, who met the School Headmaster and Councilor Morgan and invited them back for a drink. Councilor Morgan arrives shortly after with his extremely shy girlfriend, Anna. When Jenny opens the door to greet them, she suddenly looks alarmed, and we soon realize why. As Anna tries to hide her face, the School Headmaster let’s out a gasp, “YOU!” he exclaims, much to the surprise of Councilor Morgan. “You’re the woman that claimed to be the School Inspector”. “You,” adds Mrs. Fisher, “you spanked me claiming to be a Police Inspector”. “Well,” says Mr. Fisher, “I thought she was the Night Nurse


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