In The Red Again

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In The Red Again
Despite a previous warning and a spanking from her husband, Samantha has been using his credit card again to buy stuff for both herself and her friend, Tara, from the TV shopping channel. When his card is refused for being over the credit limit, Paul is furious and tells Samantha she is about to get a severe punishment. Tara intercedes on Samantha’s behalf, explaining that it’s not all her fault and offering to take half of Samantha’s punishment.Paul agrees, but there are no half measures about the punishment he gives both the girls. With the help of a firm hand, some handy kitchen implements and finally the cane, Paul makes a very deep-seated impression on both his errant wife and her flirtatious friend. Additionally, Tara’s attempts to flirt with Paul during the punishment do not go unnoticed (or unpunished) by Samantha!


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