Miss Baker’s Dozen

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Miss Baker’s Dozen
Junior teacher, Miss Baker, has been called to the study of Mr. Strictland, the headmaster, after one of his pupils has reported the inappropriate actions of Miss Baker whilst on a school trip. The film cuts back to the previous week where Samantha and Jadie are seen “pleasuring each other” before being caught by Miss Baker who starts to spank Samantha lightly and lets her hand wander between Samantha’s legs and lights kisses her. Her attention then turns to Jadie, fondling her breasts and telling both girls to get changed and that no more will be said of the incident. We return to Mr. Strictland’s study, where Miss Baker is told to change into a school uniform, following which she will be punished in front of the girls. Rather alarmed, Miss Baker goes off to change and tells the girls to report to Mr. Strictland. Both girls are given a hard spanking, which soon turns their bottoms a rosy red.


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