Samantha Woodley – An Exemplary Student

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Samantha Woodley – An Exemplary Student
Stars: Samantha Woodley
Samantha is a straight A’s student who’s grades and behavior are so exemplary that she foolishly considers herself immune from any risk of incurring the wrath of her new English tutor and therefore quite safe from his well known use of corporal punishment. For his part, her tutor can only fantasize about spanking his prize student, and hope that she will eventually slip up and make a mistake worthy of punishment. Weeks go by without incident until one day Samantha does indeed slip up. Not just a little slip up – oh no – a huge slip! Now she is well and truly for it, and she knows it – what follows is a severe and sound spanking before moving on to the slipper and, of course, finally she gets the cane. Afterwards, she stands meekly in the corner, bare bottom on display, until he comes to comfort her. Oh yes, Samantha Woodley truly is an exemplary student.


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