Selfish Habits

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Selfish Habits
Set in the closed order of St. Birchingem Convent, Sister Mary is summoned to the Mother Superior’s office over the theft of charity collection funds destined for the orphans of the parish, which the Mother Superior believes Sister Mary has spent on fancy lingerie. Sister Mary protests her innocence, which falls on the deaf ears of the Mother Superior, who is renowned for frequently ignoring her Minions! Sister Mary is taken over the knee of this aloof Mistress and slowly has her habit is raised as a prelude to a prolonged spanking, reddening her pale cheeks and contrasting beautifully with the black stockings she is wearing. Sister Mary shows no sign of confessing to the theft, and doesn’t know why she is being punished. With this, she is then bent over the sister’s desk where a paddle is applied to her already blushing cheeks.


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