Tara’s Lazy Maid

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Tara’s Lazy Maid
Stars: Tara, James, Prudence, Ermintrude
James is ill in bed and frantically ringing for the maids
said maids, however, are taking advantage of Tara’s absence and are at ease in the lounge, assisted by some of James’ champagne and ignoring his bell in the process. Tara returns home to find James still unattended
she then proceeds to locate Prudence and Ermintrude, berating them suitably and then subjecting each in turn to a thorough spanking. Prudence is then sent for the punishment strap, as Ermintrude protests that she is only the junior maid. This makes no difference to Tara’s subsequent strapping of each of the girls, suitably positioned over a stool. Prudence is then sent for the cane, which is applied to both, now bared, bottoms.


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