The Exhibitionist

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Exhibitionist
Released: 1991
Samantha and her boyfriend Luiz enjoy going out clubbing and dancing, but when Sam has a few too many drinks she likes to show off and can attract just a bit too much attention from other men for Luiz’s liking.When they arrive home in the early hours, Samantha is still buzzing from all the attention she has been getting and seems unaware that Luiz is fuming. That is until he decides to show her how he feels by giving her a spanking! At first she thinks it’s a game but she soon finds out that Luiz is very serious about her exhibitionist tendencies. In an effort to escape further punishment, Sam points out that it is already getting light outside and that she has to be up in the morning for work. Luiz tells her that she had better get up for work, or her punishment will be resumed when he gets home.


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