The Night Nurse – Part 3 of The Impostor Series

Friday, June 18, 2010


The Night Nurse – Part 3 of The Impostor Series
With her father having been summoned to the headmaster yet again, we find Jenny upended over her mother’s knee for an old-fashioned hand spanking. Unfortunately mum has to go to work but she’s arranged for a night nurse friend to come and sit with Jenny. The phone rings
it’s the night nurse who is lost. As mum is late for work she hands the phone to Jenny to give travel directions with a warning to behave, but the scheming girl has other ideas. She lies and tells the real night nurse that she’s no longer required “‘cos my dad’s just come home”. She then makes a call to her friend Claire
“I’ve got the house to myself, so come as soon as you can”.Claire arrives, still in her waitresses’ clothes, to find Jenny rubbing her bottom and queries the reason
a bottom inspection follows and she thinks Jenny is making a fuss over nothing. A discussion then ensues along the lines of “I can take more than you can”.


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