The Police Inspector – Part 2 of The Impostor Series

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Police Inspector – Part 2 of The Impostor Series
Stars: Nurse Fisher
Nurse Fisher returns to her car to find a WPC looking at her empty tax disc holder. She pleads with the WPC not to write a ticket. An “alternative arrangement” of corporal punishment is suggested and reluctantly Nurse Fisher agrees. Back at the Fisher’s home the WPC immediately takes control and has her “over-the-knee” for a prolonged hand spanking. When her knickers are pulled down it becomes apparent that her husband has recently punished her, so the WPC sends Nurse Fisher out to fetch the husband’s implements. When Nurse Fisher returns to the lounge she is soon bent over for a taste of the hairbrush & leather tawse.


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File Name : 0366_The_Police_Inspector_-_Part_2_of_The_Impostor_Series.wmv
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Duration : 01:00:49

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