Desperate Homemakers

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Desperate Homemakers
Stars: Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer
First there was Clare’s CPE debut in “Chelsea’s Cute Competitor,” (CP-94) which was sexy and sweet. Next, came “Soccer Moms” (CP-96). We both knew each other a little better and took advantage of that knowledge, spanking each other with gusto. I brought Clare to tears and she left marks where no woman had ever marked me before (on my behind, of course!). Our kid gloves were off and, you can be assured, they’re gone for good! Welcome to the next level of spanking between “friends”. Well, we are friends, but you would never guess it by the way we spank each other. I really wanted to spank Clare again. So many of our regular customers were requesting a repeat performance between the two of us that I began thinking about it constantly. When I brought it up with her, it seems she felt the same way about me. So, we contrived another suitable plot. One that would allow us to go all out! In a take-off of a hit TV show, Clare and I go at it again!

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