County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings #2

Friday, July 16, 2010


County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings #2
Stars: Megan, Dee, Allison
Busy Sheriff Collins has two female lawbreakers to take care of. Cute, prissy brunette Megan and slutty Dee have chosen spankings at the sheriff’s office instead of performing community service work. Megan’s big sister, pretty blonde Allison, comes along to offer support for her little sister. Sheriff Collins drags Megan across his knee, spreads her pretty butt wide open and whacks it until she screams. Then, when Megan is forced over the fabled Sheriff’s Department spanking horse, the sheriff blisters her bare ass with his plywood-spanking paddle. Megan howls as each swat turns her ass white hot! Dee is next. The sheriff teaches her a lesson with a bruising, over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking. All of her whimpering does not save her from a trip over the sheriff’s spanking horse. Bending far over, Dee feels the striking, stinging paddle swats from Sheriff Collins’ paddle. After only the first whacks, the distinct outline of the


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