Naked Violations

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Naked Violations
Naked Violations goes beyond the limits of ordinary spanking videos.A tall, lithe longhaired girl is made to bend awkwardly, yet fetchingly over the arm of the punishment X. Then, a sadistic female guard begins to stripe her vulnerable ass with sharp strokes of the cane, all the while making the frightened, tortured girl keep count.When two inmates catch a third girl tattling to the warden, they decide that she needs a good, bare-bottom over-the-knee spanking. They each take turns spanking her bottom raw with hand and hairbrush.When the girls are secured to the punishment X for good, HARD strapping, they are punished with the HEAVIEST strap we have ever spanked a girl with in any of our videos.


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File Name : 0409_Naked_Violations.wmv
File Size : 482.8 MB
Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 00:51:29

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